During the unprecedented spate of severe storm this winter, Mousehole harbour did not go unscathed, although we did not suffer anywhere near as much damage as our friends at Porthleven.
Work is now going on to repair the damage incurred, including:

  • Replacement of four baulks in the harbour entrance
  • Repairs to South pier railings
  • Re-grouting of parts of the South Pier
  • Re-grouting of base stones in the harbour entrance
  • Repairs to the old wharf and the ‘sink hole’ in the South car park
  • Repairs to the base of the war memorial plinth
  • Rebuilding of the new cool store on the North Quay entrance
  • Re-roofing the North Pier toilets
  • Replacement of two smashed windows in the ladies toilets
  • Repairs to the interior of the North Pier toilets
  • Replacement of the inverter and electric controls boxes for the new fish davit on the North Pier.

Most of the cost of these repairs will be borne by the Harbour Authority, although the repairs to the North pier toilets will be largely covered by insurance and we have applied for some funding from local government of the replacement of the baulks.

The repairs to the plinth of the war memorial are being undertaken at the Harbour Authority’s expense as a gesture of support for the community. We do not believe this is actually our responsibility but we have stepped into the breach after no other source of funding was forthcoming.
Our thanks go to Symons Construction, Davey & Gilbert, Spencer Carter, Chris Mead and Dick Johns for their assistance in getting these essential repairs done promptly and effectively.