There are limited permanent moorings available in the harbour. These moorings are restricted to residents of the village and its immediate surrounds and allocation is at the discretion of the Harbour Master.

There are approximately 72 moorings available for small craft and there is currently a waiting list of approximately ten persons.

Any person holding a mooring must pay mooring fees to the Harbour Master at the commencement of each year. Failure to pay may result in the confiscation of the mooring.

Each mooring holder must provide contact details so that the harbour master may contact them in the event of an emergency (e.g. during severe weather or in the event of a vessel breaking adrift). The Harbour Master has the authority to move any vessel, either located in the harbour or ashore on harbour property, should he need to do so for reasons of safety or where a vessel is creating an obstruction.

Canoes and Sea Kayaks stored in the harbour bounds are also subject to an annual fee and payment is identified by use of a Harbour Authority sticker attached to the vessel.

Mooring Fees

The current schedule (2020) of annual mooring fees is:



(Up to 12ft)


(over 12ft)


Visiting Yachts (Monohulls)


Visiting Yachts (Multihulls)


Overland Boats (Trailered)


Harbour Availability

During the winter months, the harbour is protected from the ravages of winter storms by the installation of huge oak baulks which seal off the harbour mouth. These are normally put in place during November and raised again during March using a mobile crane. During the summer months, the baulks can been seen stacked at the end of the South Pier.